About Me

10856504_10153255711903336_6712852641096683304_oAfter being raised in a printing family, I began my training in the prepress department pre-computers as a camera operator, film planner and platemaker.

After qualifying in this trade we began to see the introduction of Apple computers. Right from the start I was excited by new technologies creeping in, and set out to learn all I could in calibrating films and then plates to the best qualities.

Having worked my way to outputing books, leaflets and brochures to up to B1 sheet sizes, I was encouraged to put my skills to use in digitally outputing on SRA3 Xerox machines and even outputing folded, stitched magazines.

My belief is that no matter how big or small, just a little extra time in set-up can always get the results a customer expects.


If you should have any questions on how I might be able to help you then please feel free to contact me.


BPIF Qualified
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Moved to Iceland
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